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The Art of Gracious Networking: Part 2

Here’s a little secret I’ve learned through networking over the years: It’s not what you say, it’s how you behave. As marketers, we often talk about branding. That could mean a company’s image or an individual’s personal brand. When I think of my personal brand, I consider the impression I create when I’m trying to …

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The Art of Gracious Networking

Growing up, I remember wanting to learn how to be social. I was shy, but I wanted to engage with people, be seen and be heard, and have good manners, to boot. So I started reading Emily Post, who was basically the bible of good manners at that time, and then later moved on to Judith …

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Not Your Father’s Networking: Using Purpose to Have More Fun

Someone recently asked me, “What’s the difference between a successful networking event and an unsuccessful one?” My answer is not about the event itself. I believe it all depends upon me, and how I approach it. I know this may not be an answer you would expect to hear. To me, it’s more about what I …

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  • Content and brand messages

    Let’s face it: Content is more likely to be read if it looks good. We take the content you have and revamp it into a consistent, presentable brand message. It’s a blueprint we’ve used to great success for more than 25 years — just ask our clients.... Read more

  • FinTech

    Few marketing firms possess our wealth of experience in financial technology. We provide marketing and research services to banks, software companies and consultancies. Our scope includes topics on payments, lending and treasury management.... Read more

  • Technical Writing

    Does everyone understand your message? Don’t count on it. Luckily, we have an extensive background in technical writing to bridge the gap. We break down complex matters so your audience understands your software or user manual.... Read more

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Chicago Ideas: Reimagining Prison

Chicago Ideas is back with a conversation about re-envisioning the American prison system, and how a society can use prisons as rehabilitation facilities for communities and citizens. Some of the speakers include Arne Duncan, Managing Partner, Emerson Collective, Former U.S. Secretary of Education; Kim Foxx, State’s Attorney, Cook County; James Vincent Meredith, Actor, Steppenwolf Theatre Company; Johnny Perez, Safe Reentry Advocate, Urban Justice Center; and more. Jones College Prep High School, 700 S. State St., Chicago. Thursday, February 23, 6:30 pm. Read more

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