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At Canright, we help your company find its voice, shining a light on who you are and how you serve customers. We establish your brand message and your unique point of view, and then we strategize, write, and design content — lots of it — to boost engagement with your audience.


Our clients include banks, law firms, manufacturers, an association of terrazzo flooring contractors, and financial technology (FinTech) firms.

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Christina Canright

Trained as a photojournalist and magazine designer, Christina Canright holds a wealth of experience producing communications for a wide range of clients. As principal and creative director of Canright, Christina is the firm’s networking presence in the Chicago business community. She excels at helping businesses spread their word through ongoing communications, while making sure their brand and content reflect their capabilities.


She directs content strategy and creative for financial, media, manufacturing, and construction clients. She edits FinTech Rising content and directs the weekly Canright Networking Calendar.


Christina’s design repertoire includes websites, brochures, books and book covers, newsletters, event materials and business identity. Her award-winning magazine redesigns highlight her ability to “sell” a story while emphasizing readability and visual clarity. She’s put her touch on The Journal of Electronic Commerce, Modern Salon, Bakery Production and Marketing magazine, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, Candy magazine and Dairy Foods, to name a few.


As a firm, Christina and Collin Canright partner to help companies reflect who they are and the value they provide to their customers by working with them to establish their own unique point of view. Once we establish the unique brand message, we strategize, write, and design content designed to help their audiences learn, understand, and engage.


Christina is an adjunct faculty member at the Wright Foundation.

Collin Canright

I am a business and financial marketing and media professional, a consultant, writer, content strategist, and project manager. I’m also a salesperson and leadership coach.


I became fascinated with electronic banking and payments in the mid-1980s and continue to work withbanks and financial technology firms. See the FinTech Rising website for posts on the future of money, banking, and payments.


As principal of and lead writer for Canright Communications, a Chicago-based marketing communications firm, Collin helps companies connect to clients and generate leads. Over the past 25 years, Collin has written extensively about ecommerce and banking in books, articles, system documentation, and marketing materials. Collin is also an adjunct faculty member at the Wright Foundation, where he coaches emerging leaders and salespeople.

Alexandra Sulack

Alexandra Sulack joined Canright as an Admin/Marketing Coordinator in 2016, where she’s quickly become an indispensable member of the team. Along with helping the office run smoothly, Alexandra’s duties include performing website updates, coordinating social media platforms for Canright and its clients, and writing and editing articles, blogs and emails.


A graduate of North Park University, Alexandra holds a Master of Music in Vocal Performance. She believes communication is key to understanding and building relationships, whether that’s through her work at Canright, performing music or advancing the lineage of vocal music through teaching.


Outside of work, Alexandra runs her own voice lesson studio in North Center where she teaches students and somehow finds time to be the marketing and communications director (we think she’s acquired Hermione’s Time Turner). Alexandra is an avid photographer specializing in headshots and stage photography.

Mary Freeman

Mary Freeman is a summer intern at Canright Communications. She is entering into her third year at The University of Notre Dame, where she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree. As a Program of Liberal Studies major, she is well versed in the ways of thoughtful and clear communication, as well as concise and well thought–out writing.


Around the office, Mary writes and edits anything she can get her hands on, helps the office run smoothly, manages social media, and does whatever else that needs to be done. Outside of work, Mary is the department editor of the viewpoint section of The Observer, the independent student newspaper of Notre Dame and St. Mary’s, is a veracious reader, and an avid runner.

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