What the client said:
  • We needed a logo that would exemplify Dr. Vicky Gordon and create a foundation for our entire brand. You nailed it! Thanks so much.

Alex Piegza, Vice President, The Gordon Group

CASE STUDY: Dr. Vicky Gordon Rebranding

Dr. Vicky Gordon of The Gordon Group needed a captivating brand identity to match her captivating work and personality. The leadership coach and speaker had worked with several firms to develop a logo and brand identity, but none provided what Gordon was looking for.

Canright took Gordon’s branding and turned it up several notches. We designed a logo, business cards, and email signature that truly reflect Gordon’s passion for and dedication to her work. We have helped Gordon and her firm get noticed.

We realized Gordon’s existing branding was too generic and did not effectively communicate what it is that she does. We helped her envision her brand by designing a striking logo, bold business cards, and an eye-catching email signature.

Dr. Vicky Gordon—CEO and founder of the Chicago-based organizational development firm The Gordon Group—has 20 years of experience as a leadership coach, keynote speaker, and team builder. She has a Ph.D. in Communication, has written more than 30 articles, and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune and on WGN radio. Gordon speaks to groups on such topics as leadership challenges, motivation, and team building.