Content and brand messages

Let’s face it: Content is more likely to be read if it looks good. We take the content you have and revamp it into a consistent, presentable brand message. It’s a blueprint we’ve used to great success for more than 25 years — just ask our clients.

FedFocus magazine (Federal Reserve Banks). We produced the bi-monthly magazine for two years and then helped their in-house staff adapt it into a web publication.

“Terrazzo Inspiration” email newsletter (North Central Terrazzo Association). It’s never easy for associations to spread their word. Our email newsletter targets architects and interior designers as we present case studies or issues that highlight the benefits of terrazzo flooring.

“Artistry of Terrazzo” marketing ebook (North Central Terrazzo Association). Our interactive PDFs showcase the floor design and craftsmanship of the association’s contractor members.

“Designing Better Workplaces” research report (American Society of Interior Designers). To capture the interest of a visually-oriented audience, we wrote and designed this magazine-style publication to show the business opportunities available to ASID members.

Journal of Electronic Commerce (Thomson EC Resources). We produced and designed the inaugural journal, starting with manuscript review all the way through to print management.


Few marketing firms possess our wealth of experience in financial technology. We provide marketing and research services to banks, software companies and consultancies. Our scope includes topics on payments, lending and treasury management.

Collin Canright, principal, became fascinated with electronic banking and payments in the mid-1980s, and he continues to work with banks and financial technology firms to this day.

Treasury management is a primary segment of Canright’s business-to-business marketing consulting and creative services. Collin leverages his experience writing about treasury management, electronic payments and electronic data interchange (EDI) — a forerunner of today’s ecommerce — to provide marketing and research services to banks, software companies and consultancies.

See our Financial Writing page for details and the FinTech Rising website for posts on the future of money, banking and payments.

Technical Writing

Does everyone understand your message? Don’t count on it. Luckily, we have an extensive background in technical writing to bridge the gap. We break down complex matters so your audience understands your software or user manual.


Golden Equipment Website and Brochure

Golden Equipment sells injection molding and processing equipment to plastics manufacturers in the Midwest.  Jeff Golden asked Canright Communications to help his firm improve their marketing message to his highly specialized customer base.  Canright responded by redesigning the Golden Equipment website.  We also built a pair of online calculators that are unique to the industry.  Potential clients who visit can enter in these calculators hardware and processing requirements from their own plants.  Based on this description of what they need, clients can quickly and easily determine the specifications for just the right hardware to consider ordering. Canright Communications also created a brochure to describe the international manufacturers that  Golden Equipment represents and to highlight Jeff Golden’s deep knowledge of  the plastics manufacturing  industry.

Payment Pathways Website and White Paper

Payment Pathways, Inc. (PPI) is a small technology firm that specializes in payments privacy management. PPI worked with Canright Communications to redesign its website to better market its services to banks. PPI also asked Canright to produce two white papers  describing its   Greenlist service, one targeted to banks and the other targeted to consumers. Greenlist allows bank customers to make electronic payments without requiring them to reveal any personal financial data.

McCann Window Website Redesign

McCann Window & Exteriors is a home remodeling contractor that provides customers in Chicago and the city’s northwest suburbs with replacement windows, doors, and siding. This family-owned business worked with Canright Communications to redesign its website. The new site, “Building Customers for Life,” conveys a message of professionalism and customer service while describing the services McCann offers and the manufacturers they represent. It also offers ready access to testimonials and descriptions and photos of past projects. Canright wrote the copy using basic keywords that prospects use in searching Google for replacement window contractors and set up several local testimonial pages, all designed to boost Google rankings. Even that basic search optimization lands McCann’s website on the first page of Google search rankings for local searches in McCann’s primary offerings.

James Instruments Hammer Guides

James Instruments offers testing equipment to the construction industry. Their products allow contractors, regulators, and researchers to evaluate the strength, structure, corrosion, and moisture in concrete and other building materials in the field, and without causing damage. James Instruments worked with Canright Communications to rewrite the user guides for two of their products, the Manual and Digital Rebound Hammers, both used to test the hardness of mature concrete. These illustrated booklets are included with the devices and reduce the need for customers to call the firm’s Customer Service desk. Customers can also download copies of these two user guides as PDF files from the James Instruments web site.

World's Finest Chocolate Sales Sheets

World’s Finest Chocolate is a well known vendor of fundraising products and programs for school groups, sports teams, Boy Scout troops, and other organizations for teens and children. Canright Communications helped WFC create sales documents to help their sales staff answer questions related to WFC products, including nutrition, allergies, safety, and teaching financial concepts to children. We also provided a set of leave-behind marketing materials based on these documents to provide similar information to potential customers.