Financial Writing and Marketing Communications

Few communications firms have the depth of experience in financial technology and payments marketing communications as Canright Communications. Collin Canright, principal, has written and consulted on marketing, public relations, sales, research, and editorial materials for almost 30 years.

The Result: Less Hand Holding

This depth of experience results in intelligent financial communications with less hand-holding on your part. We help you:

  • Build customer relationships
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Strengthen contact with key networks
  • Publicize product and service results
  • Train customers and employees

We have accomplished those results and more for past clients through:

Trends and Best-Practices Reports. As a way to provide the exclusive knowledge that builds relationships and sales, clients rely on Canright to analyze, distill, and present research, trends, and best-practices reports.

For Intuit’s Digital Insight unit, Canright analyzed market research to produce an executive report that gave senior bank managers insight into the customer-retention and profitability power of online banking and bill payment. Canright showed banks how to use information in business-to-business electronic payments in the FedFocus article, “Who knew information could be so valuable?”

Fair Isaac (now FICO), a decision management firm widely known for its leading credit-scoring system, retained Canright to distill information on collections systems and procedures into Leveraging Collections: Best Practices to Control Your Level of Return. Canright collaborated with marketers at SunTrust Bank on “Driving Performance through Appropriate Controls,” an entertaining (really!) presentation designed to inform attendees and generate sales.

Lead Generation Tools. For payments software Fundtech, Canright produced Planning Your Online Wire Transfer Strategy, a white paper used to capture leads from direct-response ads and emails. The white paper shows the advantages banks can gain from using automated wire transfer processing software and allowing their customers to initiate wires over the internet.

To solidify Bank of America customer relationships by providing value-added knowledge, Canright developed ERP Solutions in a Working Capital World. Based on a BofA customer panel, the report and case study briefed customers and prospects on trends in techniques for integrating bank data with ERP systems for forecasting and payments.

Training and Procedure Manuals. Canright documented SunTrust Bank’s corporate online banking system and implementation procedures for its cash-management products. For Harris Bank, Canright produced a series of booklets on payments fraud and online banking.

Emerging Technology Reports. For the Financial Services Technology Consortium, Canright produced the final report on Phase 1 of the FSTC’s Financial Agent Secure Transaction (FAST) project. Canright compiled Promoting Electronic Payments: Assessing Future Requirements for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

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