Our Process

The Canright Project Methodology outlines how we work with clients. Although the specific services we provide will vary by the type of project — a website requires different steps than a brochure or an ebook — the overall project progresses according to the following phases and steps:


We believe purpose and vision drive business, thus the same should be true for any project. We make sure to understand each company’s purpose, vision and goals and how the project will support them. This keeps us on track with what we envisioned from the start. We use these tools at this stage:


For any complex project, planning is critical. Based on the vision we create during the Discover phase, we plan the project’s steps, messaging and underlying technology infrastructure by developing:

  • Creative brief and scope
  • Project management plan and schedule
  • Functional specifications (websites and software)
  • Content
  • Design

Content. As a firm focusing on the key communication elements of writing and design, we place priority on content. We outline the specific writing approach we take for each project. Our content process consists of:

  • Research and interviews
  • Outline
  • Writing, reviewing, and revising drafts

Design. Our design is driven by both “attractability” and readability. We design marketing and sales materials that educate, inspire action and are quick and easy to read. The project’s graphic design should direct the reader, make information easy to understand and compel a response. We provide:

  • Design concepts
  • Revised concept
  • Final design templates
  • Photography and graphics selections


Once the copy is completed and approved, the design is selected and the templates are set. Time for delivery. The delivery phase may consist of layout for a print project or coding for a web project. In either case, we proof and make corrections throughout the process, providing drafts for review at set intervals. Then we revise, correct and proof again.